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Products of ever-increasing Quality Requirements

Ferro Vanadium (FeV) & Ferro Molybdenum (FeMo) are the additives to the production process of ferrous metals. They impart several desirable properties into the new alloy. Addition of FeV & FeMo to alloy results in steel less susceptible from to corrosion and also reduce weight while simultaneously increasing the tensile strength of the material. Right from the beginning PACPL has been maintaining their excellence in quality of products manufactured by them.

Because of the ever-increasing quality requirements, it is the choice of our valued customers to insist on the products from PACPL for improved yield recoveries of Vanadium / Moly Content and the presence of trace elements in very low levels. As a result of continuous R & D and implementing the up-gradations through guaranteed quality systems, PACPL is specialized in meeting the critical-quality needs of the alloy steel foundries. PACPL assures meeting delivery commitments on-time which is proved time and again.


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